Obligatory Fireworks Photo

It’s Independence Day. Fireworks are what we do. This is from the North Little Rock side of the Arkansas River, looking across to Little Rock.

We went to the river with a couple of friends, specifically to shoot fireworks photos. I got my tripod set up, attached the shutter release, got ready to take some test shots and check my settings and … I had run out the door without taking a battery off the charger and putting it in my camera! So, I was stuck with using my smartphone. 😦

20140704_220012_LLSHand held, auto focus, Night mode.

Other info:
Exposure Mode: Auto
Metering Mode: Average
White Balance: Auto
Scene Capture Type: Night
Model: Samsung SPH-L720
Camera Raw
White Balance: Custom
Recovery: 1
Blacks: 7
Brightness: -56
Contrast: -25

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